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almost 1000 pissing guys I caught already in 2014 : stills 1

so you can imagine what a HUGE collection I have after all these years.
Here again some of them , caught this week.
as always ALL my own made videos, EXCLUSIVE and in FULL HD at www.ericdeman
I just want to add : YOU DON’T NEED to be Premium (paying) member af any file sharing site (Rapidshare etc) !
All the videos can be downloaded directly from the site of course.
Besides my truckers and drivers I filmed pissing : you can get all my home made exclusive stuff there as well of course !
the cycling races + Thriathlons where I went to film, Sex adventures in the bushes, many big asscracks and so forth..PLUS all videos that once appeared in my Group (10 years !!)
For me the best voyeuristic website in the NET !
everything is real, nothing is staged , I saw everything live with my own eyes and am pleased I can share all this with those who want.
There are people over there that can confirm everything what I tell here, as I got some even with me there in the bushes !
Really true
Do yourself a gift you won’t regret !
these are only a few from the many I could film again .
as always ALL my own made videos are EXCLUSIVE and in FULL HD at
There are still preview videos on line (NOT IN HD THOUGH !) to have an idea what I am talking about !
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Mediafire :
 avi :
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